Visiting Master: Joao Santos
Visiting Master: Joao Santos

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Visiting Master: Joao Santos

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 2, 2013

As part of our continuous improvement effort to offer the best to our guests, in SHA we regularly invite some of the most famous and prestigious therapists on the international scene, so that our guests can enjoy their star treatments for a certain period of time and better understand their philosophy of working with the common goal of improving their health and wellbeing.

Now, and until 14th July, we are lucky to have with us to the prestigious therapist Joao Santos, a Portuguese man than is dedicated to travel around the globe as a visiting therapist at the most famous centers of the world.

Joao Santos guest therapist

Joao Santos has trained at places of the highest level such as the Steiner Academy in London. His previous destinations have included exclusive five star spas in Qatar, Dubai, Switzerland and the Maldives.

In fact, some people call him Forrest Gump, but Joao Santos prefers to be known as a nomad. As well as a prestigious body therapist, he is also a writer, artist, traveler and photographer. This modern day Renaissance man is willing to try everything life throws at him. Santos describes himself as an “auto-deductive” person as he discovered and developed himself and his famous massage technique along the way, while travelling and doing various courses and jobs.

To check the Joao Santos treatments available at SHA until July 14th, download the full program here.

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