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Facial self-massage for vibrant skin

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 4, 2020

Although the creams, serums, masks, toners and all the products we use on the face are very important to have a healthy, beautiful and alive skin, doing it with a good massage will enhance its result. In addition to this, it helps to stimulate blood circulation mobilizing skin tissues and relaxing. Always apply your creams from the centre to the outside of the face in an upward direction and perpendicular to the tendency of the wrinkle.

Follow the next steps:

  1. With your face clean, apply a small amount of cream on your fingers with your fingertips
  2. Start by applying it gently to the face, neck and décolleté
  3. With the whole palm of your hand, start making upward, energetic movements in the décolleté and neck
  4. With index fingers make “grinder” movements in the dewlap area, and repeat about three times
  5. Extend your neck (pull your head back), close your lips and with your thumb under your jaw and the rest of your hand from the centre of your face, start opening your hands like a book towards the beginning of your scalp.
  6. Pump with thumb and index finger all over the jaw area.
  7. Start making upward movements with both hands on one side and the other.
  8. From the base of the chin with index and ring finger go up through your rictus, nose flap to eyebrows and then open towards the scalp.
  9. Start making circles around your eyes.
  10. Pinch the eyebrows.
  11. With knuckles make circles on your forehead.
  12. With the palm of your hand press on the forehead and smooth towards the beginning of your hair.
  13. Make those last few strokes with little touches.


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