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Meditation to mitigate stress

SHA Wellness Clinic
February 16, 2018

It has passed from being a spiritual technique to being one of the healthy habits most sought after in the Internet. Its practice can seem overwhelming, but its virtues will bring you are more than wonderful. Do you still have no clue what we are talking about? We are referring to meditation.

In our times, stress and our way of life are by far too exacerbating. There is no doubt that many illnesses are produced and worsened by mantaining stress levels so dangerously high. Learning how to meditate can help you to reduce your stress levels. Learn more about its benefits and about some relaxation techniques.

Meditation for stress management

Firstly, it will allow you to enter your subconscious mind, freeing your mind of those thoughts, conducts and beliefs that can impair your mental health in many occations. For instance, meditation helps us to see complicated situations with more clarity and with more objectivity. In a way, it lets the problem pass you by without you feeling the need of standing right in front of it. Thus, we learn to manage pain, depression, feelings like anxiety, sadness and so on.

When your body feels stressed, there is a series of hormonal changes that take place in it. In the first place, your body secretes cortisol, a hormone that can help you maintain your concentration and attention towards dangerous situations. Adrenaline and noradrenaline are also produced. They are hormones that accelerate your heart’s contraction rate, increase nervousness and they also accelerate your bowel movement. These hormonal changes can be useful to face specific problems, however, do you think they are benefitial in the long haul? This is what happens with chronic stress. It’s a chronic situation, your immune sytem, your heart, your breathing system, etc. can be affected, altered and weakened.

Meditation allows you to keep your body at ease. In fact, they are studying to use it on hypertensive patients and cardiac patients, people with cancer, with asthma and depression among other ailings. It is a way to balance the subconscious and the psyche of one’s body.

Techniques: learn to meditate

In the first place, you must learn to control your breating. To start off, try to have a short meditation session every day, begin with only 5 minutes and try to prolong it little by little up to 20 minutes.

Start by trying to control your breathing. Deeply inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Your inhalation should last about 6 seconds and your exhalation should last about 10 seconds. Try to be on you knees and sit on your feet, close your eyes and concentrate, imagine the color voilet. In our minds that color is a synonym of relaxation, calm and peace.

Try to put your mind in blank. You will surely have lots of thoughts running through your mind. Try to not pay attention to them and refocus on the image of the purple color we mentioned before. At first this may be a bit more complicated, but in time this will prove to be easier, keep to your daily practice. You might also want to focus on objects, sounds or specific elements in your surrounding.

Once you begin to channel and manage your stress, it will be possible to improve your quality of life. Keeping a calm mind and being in peace is a way to connect with your body and to keep your emotions from affecting your health.


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