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Rest and diet tips for a balanced flight

SHA Wellness Clinic
April 14, 2015

We have always worried about the health and well being of our guests at SHA Wellness Clinic and now we also care about the health of the travelers. You have read right… travelers! We have extrapolated part of our knowledge to Madrid Airport and created Esenza by SHA: two healthy spaces that will help you to find an optimal state of wellness while your are traveling.


our routine and health habits are practically annulled when we travel, our body loses its balance and we feel it in our general welfare.

Food and rest are the two most important issues that we should care and work while we are away from home:

1. Traveler’s rest:

Full nights seated on the plane, in the bed of an hotel or at the airport waiting room break our routine of sleep and rest, although we can fight them with the following tips to improve sleep and promote the rest during the flight.

Being able to sleep on the plane is wished by every traveler, but it’s sometimes hard due to sun light, noises and limited space. These are the best tips to relax and rest:

-Invest on a good travel pillow; you will avoid neck pains.

-Use earplugs or earphones and an eye mask to feel isolated.

-Visit the toilet before trying to sleep: brush your teeth and wash your face. A tip: practice yoga or pilates the night before travelling.

An extra tip: practice yoga or pilates the night before the flight. It will help you preparing your body (physically and mentally) for the flight.

2. Traveler’s Diet:

What you eat before, during and after the flight is crucial to feel balanced despite the flight.
Hydration is the KEY: drink a lot of water before the flight but also during and after it. But remember to avoid alcoholic drinks or drinks with caffeine.

Diet also affects on the sleeping quality. Try to avoid saturated fats and sugars, stimulating ingredients such as caffeine and choose vegetables, soups, fruits, fish and legumes.

The healthy menu at Esenza by SHA is specially designed for the traveler to enjoy a nice and delicious meal, but not too heavy so that it makes him/her loose the balance of the organism. That’s why it is almost all organic and the combination of ingredients follow nutritional principles from SHA Wellness Clinic macrobiotic consultants.

You will barely notice the travel’s mess if you take care of your rest and diet!



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