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Ageing: a test to learn how to slow it down

SHA Wellness Clinic
January 22, 2018

Ageing is a process everyone undergoes and most of us coincide in that we would all like to avoid it, or at least, slow it down. Now thanks to science and to different researches we have good news: it can be done.

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress on its own, is an imbalance produced when homeostasis is altered during the oxidation and intracellular reduction processes, and free radicals are released.

It can be originated by a deficiency in the antioxidant mechanisms or by an excessive production of oxygen reactive species, which leads to damages in the organs, tissues and cells. This stress is responsible for us to age prematurely, it is also involved in different degenerative, neurological, cardiovascular deceases and some types of cancer.

The formation of free radicals can depend on a plethora of factors, among them, there are UV rays, pesticides and tobacco. Although the most frequent reason is for it to happen inside the cells due to internal factors, such as an excessive caloric intake.


What is the Oxitest?

The excess of free radicals is in no means beneficial for your health. Its early detection can help us to avoid the process to turn chronic, so this must be done on time. Oxitest is an oxidative stress test which goal is to detect the damage caused by free radicals in an early, agile and swift manner. It allows us to know what diet and which antioxidants will have the highest impact in slowing down the ageing process. These factors vary from person to person.

To run this test we only need a urine sample. With this, the results can be obtained almost immediately. This allows us, in case it’s necessary, to prescribe you a treatment that is based on a tailored daily diet, and on the intake of natural antioxidant supplements.


The importance of Oxitest for your health

We have already mentioned that a high oxidation level is directly related to premature ageing. That is why, in case we spot it thanks to this test, you will be able to act immediately and take the corrective measures to deal with it. This is something that can be done by regulating your caloric demand or by increasing the anti-oxidants you take, be it through your diet or thanks to various nutritional supplements.

One of the many pros of the Oxitest is that you can get your diagnose in just five minutes. This is almost immediate, and it lets you start as soon as possible, in case you need it, to correct your diet or to take nutritional supplements we mentioned previously.

To sum up, we can say the Oxitest is one of the best ways to slow down ageing and to promote good health by improving your nutritional habits through tailoring a diet just for your needs.


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