SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Sustainability

The environment

Since its inception, SHA has adopted a clear commitment to the environment, actively engaging in the conservation of our precious natural resources.

We have established an environmental responsibility policy with an ethical approach. Without wanting to stop or settle, new and innovative “green” initiatives are constantly explored to continue improving on this path of caring for our greatest treasure, the planet.

Our sustainable strategy includes:

Energy saving

We save 90% of electricity consumption using LED bulbs. All our suites have thermal insulation and in them we control the air conditioning and the illumination through domótica and detectors of presence.

Saving water

We use flow reducers and atomizers in faucets and showers, reducing water consumption. Additionally, the water in our pools is reused.

Ecological materials

All our amenities are made of sustainable materials and responsible manpower.

Waste management

SHA wastes are collected, separated and deposited in their corresponding containers to recycle the largest possible volume.

Awareness campaigns

We are committed to raising awareness of both our talents and our guests in terms of sustainability.

Ecological garden

We cultivate much of the food that is used in the SHAmadi restaurant, which in turn serves as a practical classroom for guests, where they convey the importance of what we eat and how it can affect in a positive or negative way to health.

"Let us be the best guests on Earth, always try to make our actions leave a green mark on the road"