Frequently Asked Questions

SHA is a world-leading wellness clinic dedicated to improving and prolonging people’s health and well-being by fusing outstanding natural therapies, mainly from ancient Eastern cultures, with the most advanced treatments that Western medicine has to offer.

For your comfort and relaxation, we suggest comfortable clothes, as well as using the bathrobe and slippers available for use in your suite. These may be worn throughout the day, except at dinner at the SHAmadi restaurant, where we require casual but elegant clothing; flip-flops, shorts, sleeveless shirts, sportswear and other clothing that does not meet the recommended dress rules are not allowed. Nudism is prohibited in all common areas of the SHA Wellness Clinic.

In compliance with current legal regulations, for your own well-being and that of other guests, smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the SHA facilities. All our suites are smoke-free, so if our staff finds evidence of tobacco or smoking in your suite, you will be charged € 500 for cleaning, air purification and conditioning.

In order to maintain our atmosphere of calm and tranquillity, the minimum age for admission to the SHA is 12 years old. However, Management may admit children under that age in exceptional circumstances, as long as they are accompanied at all times by their parents and/or guardians and behave politely and respectfully. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed access to common areas such as the Clinic Area, Hydrotherapy Circuit, SHAmadi Restaurant, Fitness Area, swimming pools and terraces.

You may visit SHA with your pet as long as it has a maximum weight of 5 kg and remains under the responsibility of its owner at all times, ensuring that it does not cause any inconvenience to other guests. You may not walk your pet through the common areas, including the Wellness Clinic Area, Hydrotherapy Circuit, SHAmadi Restaurant, Fitness Area, swimming pools and terraces, or use the elevators. In case of non-compliance, you will be asked to house your pet outside the SHA facilities, otherwise, we will proceed to cancel your reservation and charge you the full 100% cost. Bringing a pet carries an additional daily cost.

The official languages at SHA are Spanish and English. If you need translation services into any other language during your stay, please notify us in advance so that we can provide you with the necessary service, at an additional cost.

We believe in diversity and in the richness of cultures, and respect all religions and ways of life. However, our facilities have a Catholic chapel on site, where Mass is offered for our guests.

The atmosphere is relaxing and tranquil, conducive to personal meetings, and it is easy to find places where you can enjoy solitude or share the ambiance with your desired company. There is generally an excellent climate in the region, and it’s a real pleasure to spend time on the terraces, whether these are in the private suites or in the common areas, offering stunning views.

Silence and tranquillity are essential values at SHA. Your cooperation is essential to ensure you enjoy the facilities to the full. For this reason, we request guests keep noise levels to a minimum, particularly between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm, and after 10:00 pm. If you are watching television or listening to music, please keep the volume to a level only audible in your suite. Likewise, the use of mobile phones in common areas is totally prohibited, and headphones are mandatory when using tablet devices and/or music players.

In the event of inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour on the part of a guest, which is contrary to our current regulations, SHA reserves the right to end their stay.

The main benefit we offer is to optimise the state of your health, which applies as much to the young and healthy, as to the elderly or those with health problems. Everyone can benefit significantly from spending time at SHA.

In general, the benefits are clear and visible, proof of which are the hundreds of testimonials we receive from our guests, sharing with us what SHA has meant to them.

Usually, these are people with chronic problems such as migraines, obesity, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders, stress, tobacco addiction, psoriasis, allergies, cardiovascular disorders, anxiety, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, and many more, who without exception achieve highly satisfactory results.

During the first two or three days of your stay, you may experience symptoms such as headaches or fatigue, which are typical of the purification and re-adaptation process your body undergoes. Don’t worry about this, and instead let yourself be guided by the advice of our experts.

Weight loss varies from one person to the next, and depends on a number of different factors, such as physical constitution, weight, metabolism, age and gender, as well as eating habits, physical exercise or the ability to relax.

The results depend on the time and intensity of the treatment followed during the stay. Normally, after following SHA’s nutrition plan for a few days, including natural therapies, massages and exercise programmes, the results are clearly visible.

The SHA Method is not limited exclusively to weight loss, but also helps our guests to incorporate numerous eating and healthy habits as a change of lifestyle, so that they can continue improving the way they look and feel in addition to their overall quality of life.

In order to monitor the evolution of your programme correctly, we advise you to visit our Nursing Unit for a follow-up and a weigh-in every other day before breakfast.

In addition to all the improvements obtained naturally after following a healthy diet, such as radiant skin, shiny hair, and a rejuvenated appearance, among others, excellent results can also be achieved at SHA with the numerous non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments available.

We offer a range of healthy nutrition options which seek to introduce a diet capable of rebalancing the body into our guests’ lifestyles, helping them to enhance their self-healing capacities. The food we offer is natural, energetic and balanced, inspired by ancient principles adapted to modern life, respecting the best that nature has to offer in each season, and customising it according to the needs of each person.

The products we use to create our dishes are carefully sourced, taking into account the seasons, origin and combination of organic, fresh, and top-quality produce. The idea is to create an energy-charged, healthy experience, which stimulates the palate at a level comparable with haute cuisine.

Depending on the results you’re looking for, and your state of health, you may have to follow a diet which is more or less strict, according to the recommendations of your nutrition consultant and the meal plan assigned to you. As a general rule, you will not go hungry and can enjoy a fulfilling, balanced and healthy diet, adapted to your needs and health goals, if you have them.

Vegan and vegetarian diets exclude all animal meat. SHA nutrition – although based mostly on plant products – does not exclude, for those who want or need animal protein, the consumption of fish and/or shellfish, which are served with greater or lesser regularity depending on the food plan you are assigned.

We can categorically state that the SHA food plan is correctly balanced and allows you to improve your health considerably for as long as you follow it. In specific cases, the nutritional plan may be more restrictive, but once the therapeutic objectives are achieved, it can be expanded to become a varied and tasty diet.

Many people have been able to restore their health through healthy nutrition, often during the course of serious illness. It is important to note that we do not consider this to be a cure for cancer.

When people follow a special diet, the body’s natural healing capacity is stimulated in such a way that it leads to greater health and vitality. It is true that in many cases positive lifestyle changes such as diet, activity and attitude can produce significant results, particularly involving the remission of a serious illness.

What is noticeable, even in cases where very advanced diseases cannot be cured, is how it leads to reduced pain and improvements in patients’ quality of life.

This will not be a problem. At SHA, we have made an effort to meet the needs of the most demanding guests, in line with our centre’s vocation for health and wellness. If you do not need to follow a weight loss diet, you will be able to enjoy an haute cuisine menu designed for enjoyment, with no red meat, dairy products, or sugar, nor foods containing additives, in line with our nutritional philosophy.

To enjoy certain services or treatments, you may need to provide clinical information about your health. To do this, you are asked to complete a health questionnaire – before your arrival – which can be found on our App once you download it, or which you can receive via email.

Some of the health treatments offered by SHA, given their clinical component, can only be carried out after signing a consent form.

At SHA, we have two options for you to consult your treatment and service programme:

1.- On our SHA App, which you can download before your arrival. After confirming your booking, you will receive an email with your access data so that you can download our App (available on iOS and Android) and start making use of its many functions. In this way, we avoid the unnecessary printing of paper, contributing to protecting the environment.

2.- Printed agenda. If you want to enjoy a “Digital Detox” during your stay and disconnect from tech, we can offer you the option of printing your agenda on paper, and leaving you a printed daily update at 6:00 p.m. in your suite during your stay at SHA.

Before arrival

  • Access to my agenda on the days prior to arrival
  • Receive useful tips to prepare my trip properly
  • Consult the range of treatments and services on offer at SHA

During my stay

  • Keep my schedule updated in real-time and add services according to my preferences
  • Schedule reminders so I don’t miss an appointment
  • Check my meal plan and any prescriptions
  • Consult the activities held at the SHA Academy and receive the daily newsletter

After my stay

  • Store the history of my previous stays
  • Keep me up-to-date with news and continue receiving health advice
  • Manage my next visit to SHA

At SHA, there is a wide choice of mattresses and pillows available to adapt to your needs, as getting a good night’s sleep and quality rest is a vital part of your new lifestyle.

We offer a wide range of programmes that take into account people’s different and specific health goals. We have a catalogue listing all the necessary information which explains the diverse treatments and services available. You can also find out more about our treatments by visiting our website at

We offer acupuncture, osteopathy, electromagnetic heat lamps, colonic irrigation therapy, energy health treatments, shiatsu, yoga, and reflexology, among many others.

Preventive Medicine and Healthy Ageing, Genomic Medicine, Revitalising Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Anti-tobacco Medicine, Dermo-aesthetics and Hair Health, Cognitive Development and Brain Stimulation, Biological Medicine, Dental Health and Aesthetics, Psychology, and Physiotherapy, among others.

By land, from the AP7 motorway, also called the E-15, which crosses Europe from the north of England to the extreme south of Spain. The SHA clinic lies only 10 minutes from Exit 65.

You can also arrive by train, getting off at the Alicante RENFE station.

By air, Alicante Airport is the closest to SHA, being only 60 km away, and is serviced by hundreds of daily domestic and international flights. Valencia Airport, which also has good connections, is 130 km away.

Similarly, you can hire a helicopter service to pick you up from anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

By sea, you can dock at the many marinas in the area, or the deep-sea ports of Valencia, Denia or Alicante.

We can offer you our VIP transfer service to pick you up from any of these locations.

SHA has a covered parking area where you can park your vehicle during your stay with us. This service carries an extra daily cost.

Your suite is available for check-in from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival, to 12:00 pm on the day of your departure. If you need to check out later, please contact Reception for a late departure time, which may lead to an additional cost.

To cancel an appointment, you must request the change before 6:00 p.m. the day before at the Wellness Clinic Reception, otherwise the service will be automatically charged in full to your account.

You can modify the schedule of your appointments until the day before at no cost, otherwise you will be penalised 20% on the price of the same.

The treatments included in your programme may not be exchanged for money or for other treatments if not consumed, unless a medical professional prescribes this for the good of your health.

Credit and debit cards, bank transfer and legal tender in Spain, in the latter case according to current legal provisions.

All SHA areas have a free Wi-Fi internet connection. To use the Wi-Fi, follow the instructions on your device when accessing our network. There is also a Connecting Point located on Level 3, which is open 24/7 both for internet connection and for printing and scanning documents. However, we recommend that during your stay you try to reduce the use of electronic devices in order to help you relax and disconnect as much as possible.