SHA Foundation

The objective of SHA Foundation is to investigate, promote and teach how nutrition and health are closely related. In response to the existing malnutrition issues prevalent in society, whether it’s due to scarcity, excesses or the consumption of inadequate products or ones causing unwanted secondary effects and the effect it’s having on the population’s health, SHA foundation aims to have a positive impact on people’s health, by studying and investigating the importance of nutrition for optimum health.

The aim of the foundation is to foment the study, investigation and the diffusion and application of the effects of an excess of medication and unhealthy habits on physical, mental an anemic health. In addition, it explores how people’s health and wellbeing are improved through a balanced and healthy diet and the application of natural therapies. Furthermore, by carrying out research in this field, the aim is to improve people’s lifestyle, nutrition and healthy habits.


A special gift for our Planet Earth

Together for a healthier and long-lived world #changeandchangetheworld We all want to live longer and better, and that entails changing habits and the way we look after our health so we can be as well as possible and enjoy special moments with loved ones. But, first we must look after the home that gives us […]

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The SHA recipes to live longer and better

The SHA recipes to live longer and better is much more than just a cookbook: it is a practical and helpful resource on healthy, natural energetic nutrition. The knowledge contained within will enable you to attain and maintain not only a perfect state of health and increase your vitality but will also help you reach […]

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Members of the foundation


  • Cristian Bataller Pineda


  • Don Alfredo Bataller Parietti
  • Doña Graciela Pineda


  • Alfredo Bataller Pineda
  • Alejandro Bataller Pineda
  • Andrés Pedreño