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Sleep Well

Sleep Well
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SHA Spain

Sleep Well

From an integrative approach, the aim is to identify the causes that generate sleep problems, through measurements with the use of specialised technology to determine important physiological values related to the natural rhythms of the human body.

Once the origin of the pathology has been determined, specific treatments and therapies focused on the gradual restoration of the natural sleep cycle are applied, in order to achieve restful sleep and recover adequate energy levels for
a full and healthy life.

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How to make a reservation?

Focusing on addressing a specific health objective and in order to maximise your experience, you can book 1 or 2 packs per programme:

During your stay, as an additional complement to your health programme
By telephone, by contacting SHA, if you are a regular customer
Available via booking engine

Contents of the pack

Please note that the contents of the pack may vary from site to site.
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It includes
Medical consultation with a specialist at the beginning and the end of the programme
Polygraph for the diagnosis of sleep at night
Neurotechnical sleep session
Consultation with an expert in traditional Chinese medicine + acupuncture session
Acupuncture session
Mindfulness session
SHA Sleep & Relax dietary supplement

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