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Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking
Complementary to your programme
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Quit Smoking

Thanks to strategies adapted to the physical and psychological conditions of the patient, rigorous medical follow-up and the application of medical treatments and natural therapies focused on addictions, this packs seeks to help guests stop depending on tobacco in a natural, healthy and controlled way. The goal is to recover the proper functioning of your body and avoid side effects of withdrawal and prevent relapse.

Staff also teach healthy habits that will strengthen guests’ commitment to quitting tobacco permanently, and strengthen their motivation for a wider health recovery.

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How to make a reservation?

Focusing on addressing a specific health objective and in order to maximise your experience, you can book 1 or 2 packs per programme:

During your stay, as an additional complement to your health programme
By telephone, by contacting SHA, if you are a regular customer
Available via booking engine

Contents of the pack

Please note that the contents of the pack may vary from site to site.
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It includes
Medical consultation with a specialist at the beginning and the end of the programme
Spirometry test
Cotinine measurement with metabolic analysis
Lung detox nebulisation
Anti-tobacco session
Dental health diagnosis including comprehensive cleaning
Intraoral 3D scanner
Phytotherapy supplement with anti-anxiety base

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