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AlJurf – The Riviera of the Emirates
Opening 2026

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The place

AlJurf, The Riviera of the Emirates

Discover a pristine coastline in the Emirates — Sahel Al Emarat — nestled at the halfway point between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Here lies the natural beauty of AlJurf, a unique seaside destination steeped in history and lore and where the landscape reigns supreme. AlJurf is built in the UAE’s ancestors’ vision for the nation, a tranquil gateway that is seamlessly integrated with its natural environment. is is a second home community where residents can escape city life and instead live inside a natural masterpiece dedicated to the preservation of life and the generation of legacy.


AlJurf is set amidst hundreds of thousands of planted trees that form a verdant forest in the middle of the desert—a feat so challenging that many deemed it impossible. But the UAE’s ancestors—driven by a great vision and unmatched passion—dreamt it and made it a reality. Discover a location steeped in history that radiates with the beauty of nature and the spirit of heritage. Walk in through history and into the future of the UAE.

Natural habitat

Discover a vast area cloaked by beautiful natural features — a hidden gem that you can only get to know if you venture into its heart. At first glance it may not reveal the rich, beautiful & diverse mix of animals that fill it. But, take a stroll and bask in the tranquility; indulge in its many exceptional features including an abundance of greenspace and sikkas, beaches, and flowing canals. Explore the land and water and encounter many local species of birds, endangered turtles and graceful gazelles. The harmony of coexistence in a balanced ecosystem is woven into the natural environment of AlJurf.

Architecture and design

Elegant finishes, white curves and stepped terraces complemented by vertical cascading gardens provide a contrast that brings SHA Emirates in harmony with the landscape. A luxury destination, exclusive, discreet and welcoming, which focuses on simplicity in line with the natural environment and which stands out for its panoramic view of the turquoise sea, where you can breathe in the tranquility and the fresh air. An ideal setting for health care and well-being. We welcome you to the retreat par excellence, where nature merges with modern architectural elements, ancestral energy and the wonders of today’s world.


Strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, stretching across 1.6 kilometers of seafront on the Arabian Gulf and spanning across 380 hectares, AlJurf is on its way to becoming a top new residential second home that offers residents an elated sense of escapism in a natural oasis situated between the two great cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai — a welcome retreat that aligns perfectly with SHA Emirates’ wellness ethos and lifestyle.

  • Riyadh: 1h 35min
  • Delhi: 3h 45min
  • Moscow: 5h 20min
  • London, Paris, Madrid: 6h 55min
  • Shanghai: 5h 35min

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