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The SHA recipes to live longer and better

The SHA recipes to live longer and better is much more than just a cookbook: it is a practical and helpful resource on healthy, natural energetic nutrition. The knowledge contained within will enable you to attain and maintain not only a perfect state of health and increase your vitality but will also help you reach your ideal weight without having to give up foods that are both appetizing and flexible.

Food plays an essential role in our physical and mental health. This cookbook explains how integral nutrition is able to strengthen not only our vitality and well-being but also our body’s cleansing and self-healing abilities and how it can help slow the aging process as well.

This book has been written so that everyone can benefit from this valuable methodology, not only those who have had the opportunity to come to SHA Wellness Clinic.

In this cookbook we have decided to share a selection of the most popular recipes that our team of nutritionists and chefs have created, all of which scrupulously uphold the principles of the essence of healthy eating and comply with the strictest World Health Organization and FAO recommendations.

This cookbook is a collection of delicious recipes to help you prepare starters, main courses, desserts, cocktails and juices, in addition to containing other recipes that are specifically focused on cleansing the body, lowering cholesterol levels, losing weight, and boosting energy. As a bonus, the cookbook includes some of the healthiest dishes found in international gastronomy from experts from around the world.

These recipes are based on the results of the latest nutrition studies carried out by the most prestigious universities in the World.

Cooking, pleasure and health all brought to you in a book… Enjoy the SHA philosophy at home!

The author’s benefits will be destined to SHA foundation.

You can buy The SHA recipes to live longer and better from 6th September on SHA Boutique.