New SHA cookbook: El Poder de la Nutrición Saludable (The Power of Healthy Nutrition)

El Poder de la Nutrición Saludable (RBA, 2023) is a book that includes 76 recipes based on the healthy nutrition concept created by our team of nutritional experts, physicians and chefs, which has been successfully tested for over fifteen years. The book, with a foreword by Ferrán Adriá, explains in a simple way how to prepare natural, balanced and alkaline dishes with a therapeutic effect that put health first without sacrificing flavour and that also preserve the organoleptic qualities of the food.

Like love, health begins in the kitchen. This is a philosophy that is at the centre of SHA Wellness Clinic and which has already benefited more than 65,000 people who have improved their health after visiting our temple of wellness.

After over fifteen years of experience, our kitchen has become a true laboratory of healthy cuisine with unique dishes that can satisfy demanding palates and boost nutritional balance to optimise health.

The title of the book, “El poder de la nutrición saludable”, refers to the proven connection between our diet and our health, capable of making us healthy or sick, and its link to numerous pathologies is becoming increasingly evident.

With the publication of this new book, we continue to share knowledge in a simple way to bring the SHA concept to kitchens around the world. The more than 70 recipes, including 17 appetisers and starters, 20 main courses, 4 teas, 16 desserts, among other recipes, aim to demonstrate the proven therapeutic effect of hour nutrition and have become a hallmark and one of the key learning experiences of a stay with us.

SHA nutrition, which is balanced, natural and alkaline, is centred around plant-based foods and, to a lesser extent, aquatic foods. Efforts are made to ensure that the raw materials used are organic, seasonal and local. It is based on empirical knowledge gained from centuries of studying oriental medicine and has been updated with Harvard University’s nutritional principles and WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations.

The book, with a foreword by Ferrán Adriá, a regular guest of the brand, contains the most in-demand and popular recipes of the SHA nutrition concept, explained step by step so that they can be replicated at home without having to be a professional chef. This allows you to continue enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a nutrition method that provides energy and nutritional value while enhancing your overall health, without sacrificing pleasant textures and good flavour.

With it, we aim to extend the learning of our nutrition concept to the everyday life of thousands of people so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and make the most of one of the most useful tools tested by our nutrition experts. The recipes contained in this book are the result of creative and synergistic work between the nutrition team and our chefs, as well as of experimentation with concepts, mixtures and textures adapted for each season of the year and for each person’s health objectives.

It includes an illustrated glossary of characteristic SHA nutrition foods that provide relevant therapeutic benefits. In addition, the Pantry Essentials section (Esenciales de la Despensa) provides a list of 43 healthy ingredients, along with their updated nutritional benefits, that are must-haves in kitchens which aspire to prepare the healthy gourmet cuisine promoted by us.

Another advantage of this culinary compendium is its flexibility, as most of the recipes include a section of alternative ingredients to safely substitute the ones that are more difficult to find.

The Menu section has been organised into several categories based on each person’s objectives. There are detox, weight loss, fitness, takeaway and health gastronomy menus. In addition, at the suggestion of SHA’s nutrition specialists, menu combinations have been provided that can be combined on the same day without altering health objectives.

The book El poder de la nutrición saludable offers valuable knowledge and is a gesture of generosity from our nutrition experts who share their most powerful and secret therapeutic tool, which has been successfully tested for over fifteen years, with everyone who wishes to incorporate SHA nutrition into their lives to optimise their health.

El poder de la nutrición saludable (28 euros) has 253 pages and is published in Spanish and English.

Available in bookstores, department stores and online.