SHA lands in the Americas with its second destination: SHA Mexico

The pioneering wellness brand opens its first centre in the Mexican Caribbean, making the first step in its ambitious plan to have a SHA on every continent.

SHA Mexico opened its doors on 26 January to celebrate more than 15 years of exciting work to bring SHA Wellness Clinic’s renowned holistic health and well-being approach to the Americas, based on results and the most integrative health method.

This is just the first phase of the brand’s global expansion plans, with the opening of its second centre, located in Costa Mujeres, Mexico. Building on the success of its flagship clinic in Spain, this expansion aims to meet customers’ need to prioritise health and well-being in all areas of their lives, both professional and personal. SHA Mexico is located in the state of Quintana Roo, in the eastern region of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Situated on a serene white sand beach in the Mexican Caribbean, amidst seven hectares of unspoiled paradise, between the continent’s largest coral reef and virgin jungle, SHA Mexico reflects everything you want – and need – in a personalised well-being experience to help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

Cutting-edge Design

With its iconic architecture that seamlessly embraces the contours of nature, SHA Mexico stands as a design masterpiece that pays homage to the DNA of the human genome. The landscape gives priority to indigenous vegetation, intertwining harmoniously with the architecture. Inside, the commitment to local style is evident, with interior design choices that evoke a refined sense of place, emphasising the use of indigenous materials. The design is not only eye-catching, but also reflects a deep connection to the environment and a commitment to sustainability.

SHA Mexico embodied the brand’s commitments to health and wellness with an imposing building inspired by the human genome, towering over the Mayan jungle. The distinguished Mexican architecture firm Sordo Madaleno and the renowned interior designer Alejandro Escudero designed the centre where interior and exterior merge in an organic, sustainable and contemporary manner. The environmental impact of the centre will be minimal thanks to the careful selection of natural materials, such as Mexican ceramics, wicker, native textiles, and marble, in addition to the use of renewable energy. Maat Handasa designed the clinic’s lush tropical gardens, respecting native species.SHA Mexico has a private white sand beach and is located opposite the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere, a marine ecosystem populated by protected species. The complex houses 35 residences and 100 rooms and suites, all of them with private terraces offering panoramic views of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and luxurious bathrooms equipped with rain-effect showers.

The Concept

With the guidance of the most prestigious professionals and taught by talents with a true spirit of service, the experience of visiting SHA Mexico will become a true journey towards optimal health.

Each health programme is designed to meet the needs and goals of guests through the nine key disciplines that shape the SHA Method: healthy nutrition, well-ageing medicine, holistic medicine, brain health, advanced preventive diagnosis, well-being and inner balance, physical performance and the Healthy Living Academy. All these disciplines are combined in a coordinated way to achieve optimal and long-lasting results.

Guests can choose from five personalized health programs, similar to those offered at the SHA Spain centre, with durations ranging from four to 21 days. As expected, recognised professionals and experts will deliver these programmes in specific areas impacting health and well-being: Rebalance & Energise, Detox & Optimal Weight, Intensive Detox & Optimal Weight, Well-Ageing & Prevention, and Leader’s Performance.

“I am excited to witness our vision become reality with the opening of SHA Wellness Clinic in Mexico, the beginning a new chapter in integrative health and well-being. Our commitment to transformative health experiences and excellent hospitality service now extends to the heart of Mexico, inviting people to embark on a journey of self-discovery and full health. This is not just an opening; it is the celebration of a harmonious fusion of nature, science, and luxury, creating a sanctuary where balance is not only achieved but also embraced,” said Alejandro Bataller, Vice President and Marketing Director of AB Living, the group that owns and operates SHA.