SHA Integrative Method

SHA Healthy Nutrition

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SHA nutrition is a balanced, natural and alkalising diet, designed according to individual constitution and condition to cover an individual’s nutritional needs, providing all the necessary nutritional value and promoting health without sacrificing flavour.

It is a diet based on foods of vegetable origin and, to a lesser extent, seafood, with an aim to being as organic, seasonal and local as possible, while avoiding processed foods. It is based on empirical knowledge from centuries of study in the East, while at the same time taking the nutritional principles of Harvard Medical School and the recommendations of the WHO as current references.

Nutrition and Health

We review your medical history, and conduct a personal interview and health assessment. Afterwards, eastern diagnostic testing gives us the keys to assigning a personalised diet and healthy lifestyle programme.
At the end of the stay, our nutritional consultants share a set of personalised recommendations: natural therapies, diet, supplements and healthy lifestyle habits, based on the initial check-up conducted for each guest.
In this session we identify the psychological and emotional causes that make it difficult to maintain healthy habits and an optimal weight. We work on how to manage behaviours related to food addiction or rejection, and on unconscious blockages which hamper the proper management of eating habits.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars of our method, which is why we have created a space to share the secrets of our healthy cuisine: The Chef’s Studio A classroom where you can learn to live more and better, in an enjoyable and practical way.

Design of diets

The synergy between our R+D+i team, made up of our nutritional consultants and kitchen staff, is fundamental to our menu design. A coordinated effort to meet the nutritional needs of our guests in a personalised way, and to maintain our standards of quality and excellence.