Sha Wellness Clinic

Terms and Conditions

Booking policy 2021


In order to confirm the reservation, a payment of 50% of the total amount of the pre-booked services is required, as a deposit. In the case of Royal Suite, the amount required to confirm will be of 100%.

The deposit payment can be made by credit card, through a link to a secure online payment platform or by issuing a bank transfer to our bank account. In this case, you will be asked to provide a proof of payment.

At the time of check-in, the payment of the remaining amount of the pre-contracted services will be required, therefore, a charge will be made on your credit card. If you do not have it, payment must be made in cash (respecting current regulations on transactions) or by debit card.

The credit card provided, of which the guest must be the cardholder, will be used in order to guarantee all the services, treatments or products requested before and / or during the stay at SHA Wellness Clinic, as well as a guarantee of the final bill that may be pending.


Due to the actual health crisis we are living, we decided to update our Cancellation and modification policies to make them more flexible (valid until December 31st, 2021) as you will see below:

  • Guests will be able to modify without penalty their stay dates until 48hr before the arrival date, for any other date during the coming 12 months*
  • Guests will be able to cancel their reservations with no cost until 7 days prior to the date of arrival**
  • In case of late cancellation, 7 or fewer days before arrival 50% of the total reservation will be charged**

* If the stay dates have already been modified once and unless there is a justified force majeure reason, any successive cancellation will incur in cancellation fees, for the total amount of the deposit initially paid (50% of the reservation).

**If there have been any bank or administrative charges, these will be deducted from the deposit refund. Where appropriate to return the deposit paid by credit card, or part of it, if more than 30 days have elapsed from the payment thereof, reimbursement may be made only by bank transfer to the account indicated by the guest.

*** Once the guest checks-in, in case of early departures the total contracted services will be charged, without the possibility of refund.
Between 20 and 15 days before arrival 15% of the total booked stay
Between 14 and 8 days before arrival 30% of the total booked stay
7 or fewer days before arrival 50% of the total booked stay

Booking policy 2022


  • As long as you give at least 21 days’ notice, you may cancel your reservation without penalties, except for a 3% administrative fee.
  • After this period, the fees below will apply, depending on when the cancellation notification is received by SHA:

  • If more than 30 days have elapsed since the payment of the deposit, the refund can only be made by bank transfer to the guest’s preferred

All cancellations must be notified to the Reservations Department by email.


  • You may change your arrival date without fees as long as you notify us 7 days in advance.
  • If you modify your arrival date fewer than 7 days before the booked date, the following fees will apply:
    500€ per person if the new arrival date is within 48 hours (before or after) of the original date
    1.000€ per person if the new arrival date is more than 48 hours (before or after) from the original date
  • If the modification’s notice is received on your scheduled arrival date, in addition to the previous fees, we will charge one night’s stay. As an
    exception, we may waive the above charge if the original number of booked nights is unchanged.
  • If the check-in date had already been modified, any successive cancellation will incur in cancellation fees, for the total amount of the deposit
    initially paid.

Albir Hills Resort, S.A.U. may proceed to cancel a reservation made by a guest when adopting measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 that have been imposed or recommended by relevant health authorities or by the centre’s clinical management team and that oblige Albir Hills Resort, S.A.U. to close the establishment or recommend that it do so. The guest will be notified of this circumstance at least forty-eight (48) hours before he or she is scheduled to arrive at the establishment. In this case, the amount the guest has already paid will be kept to go towards subsequent stays or will be refunded in full if requested by the guest.