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We are proud to present a series of body treatments and therapies that have different objectives: relaxing, purifying or toning and they also favour the total recovery of our skin thanks to the properties and benefits of the products used in each one of them.

Intensives Body Treatments

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Intensives Body Treatments

.Slim & Fit Body Treatment: A global treatment in four phases that attacks all the root causes of cellulite. It improves circulation and has a lipolytic effect, thus reducing the fat and water retention. Works directly on the cells gained fat.

.Firm & Tight Body Treatment: Non-invasive 3D body lifting procedure that tightens the skin from wi- thin and improves skin elasticity and compacts tissue. This treatment will restore your body to a young, glowing and beautiful condition.

Body wraps

.Shrinking Violet Body Wrap: A revolutionary, clinically-proved body treatment with instant inch-loss results. It works by lipolysis, breaking down the underlying fat cells. It breaks down fat inside the actual cells where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acids so that they can be excreted in tissue fluid before be- ing transported to the lymph vessels. The amount of reduction varies from person to person, but you may see a reduction of at least one full size after the first treatment.

.Well-Ageing Body Wrap: Achieve a total skin renewal with this ultimate body wrap with indulgent Swiss stone pine and rhododendron – a blend that targets sun damage and age spots by even out skin tone with a warmed wrap. This stimulates the vitality of the skin’s stem cells, encouraging skin regeneration and resistance.

.Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap: This seaweed wrap activates the metabolism, hydrates and nourishes the skin, eliminates toxins and reshapes the silhouette.

.Firming Perfection Body Wrap: Complete tonic exfoliation and firming body mask with spirulina seaweed and specific massage are performed to preserve the skin firmness and reshape the silhouette..

.Intensive Reductive Body Wrap: A thorough body peeling is performed followed by a laminaria seaweed wrap rich in iodine which boost the body combustion mechanism resulting in a visible slimming figure.