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Exercises for Body and Mind

Body and Mind

Keep your body and mind in perfect shape. Exercising your mind is important in order to restore and maintain your general well-being. To do so, don’t forget to schedule an activity or two to help you disconnect and reconnect with yourself. It’s perfect for complementing your day activities. Your mind and health are worth it.

Exercises for Body and Mind

Exercises for Body and Mind


Yoga seeks to achieve personal growth and harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. It’s also considered the practice of intentions. An intention can be anything you wish to cultivate, which could be feeling better, developing more compassion, gaining strength, losing weight, being more spiritual, managing stress, alleviating pain, and much more. When you practice yoga with intention, you achieve be- tter results.

· Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga: to become long and lean
· Iyengar yoga: to gain stability and increase mobility
· Integral yoga: to become more centred
· Kundalini yoga: to ignite your passion and creativity
· Kripalu yoga: to develop more self-acceptance and compassion

Meditation techniques

It is the supreme state of yoga and therefore, the way to mindfulness and self-realization. Meditating helps attain a balanced state of mind, peace, which helps recharge your energy and maintain physical and emotional well-being.

Pranayama Breathing Techniques

Prana means life energy. When your breathing is calm, your mind is at peace. With this technique, you’ll learn how to breathe the right way to achieve benefits including: increasing lung capacity, greater resistance when doing physical activity, revitalizing the body, improving digestion, calming anxiety, and better managing emotions.


A relaxation technique inspired by Buddhist traditions that helps you to have a total control of your emotions and to be fully conscious of what’s happening here and now. It’s ideal for helping with conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Introduction to Meditation Pack

These first steps will allow you to learn in a practical and guided way the meditation techniques and benefits that will permit you to apply them in your daily life for an optimal balance.

Mindfullness Walk

Walking meditation, also known as mindful walking, is an active prac- tice that requires you to be consciously aware and moving in the envi- ronment rather than sitting down with your eyes closed. The practice brings you closer to nature and your body. It also helps strengthen your concentration, makes you more aware, and connects you to the present moment.