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Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hydrotherapy Treatments

Therapeutic treatments that combine bath salts, body oils, underwater massage jets, seaweed wraps among other depurative and energetic techniques.

Hydrotherapy Treatments


Hydrotherapy Treatments

.SHA Body Draining: The lymph system works along with the kidneys and liver to flush out toxins and wastes from the body. It does not have a natural pumping like the hearth, so it needs help to work properly.

.Hydroenergetic Cure Detox: A powerful detoxifying, healing and energetic treatment that consists of 3 steps.

  1. Hydromassage tub with essential oils – the oils soak into the body through the heat of the water and have soothing and purifying effects
  2. Fitomudtherapy – pleasant seaweed wrap with draining, detoxifying and revitalizing e effect.
  3. Hidrojet – restores energy, vitality and tonifìes the body.

.Shrinking Violet Ritua: This ritual is result of merging 3 effective inch-loss treatments:

  • Slim bath – Luxury oils infused with the magic of Shrinking Violet contain a rich blend of natural ingredients and skin toners to smooth, refine and even eliminate stubborn cellulite.
  • Body wrap – By breaking down the underlying fat cells, lipolysis offers a pain-free slimming treatment. It breaks down fat inside the cells where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acids, so that they can be excreted via tissue fluid and then transported to the lymph vessels.
  • Massage – With very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes, to increase the ow of lymph and reduced toxins in your body.

.SHA Thalasso Body Contour:This unique experience begins with a body soak in a cream bath with laminaria seaweed from Britany famous for their contouring power. Minerals and trace elements boost the body combustion mechanism, followed by the application of innovative slimming pearls all over the skin and deliver the precious content for a visibly sculpted silhouette from the first treatment.

.Underwater Pressure Massage: The therapeutic effect of the underwater massage is a result of the relaxing effect of hot water applied with pressure. This invigorating pro- cess produces multiple benefits.

Hydromassage Baths

.Slimming Thalasso Bath: The body is generally covered in laminaria seaweed from Britany famous for their slimming power. Minerals and trace elements boost the body combustion mechanism resulting in a visible slimmer figure.

.Healthy Ageing Bath: The right dose of calcium will restore and prevent joints and bones health. The proper bone density will impact the skin appearance.

.Anti-stress Magnesium Bath: Magnesium is a key element to regulate the levels of noradrenalinen and cortisol, both are directly related with weight loss and detox.

.Thalasso Marine Energy: Rebalance your body providing all the necessary oligoelements to energize your body.