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Water Therapies

Aquatic Care

This type of treatment is, increasingly, an alternative to traditional medicine. Therefore, SHA Wellness Clinic offers a range of therapies and natural remedies and preventive functions, with a demonstrated positive impact on health. Discover the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Water Therapies

Water Therapies


Gentle stretching movements are combined with Eastern acupuncture techniques and Shiatsu massage. Floating your body in warm water at a temperature of 34 oC helps decompress the spine, stimulate joints, movility and stretch muscles without impact. Ideal for relaxing the muscles, improving digestion and eliminating the effects of jet lag.

Aqua Cranio-cervical Massage

A water holistic therapy that alleviates migraines, insomnia and neck pain. Release the tension in your head, neck, shoulders and jaw while you eliminate energy blockages. The perfect choice to calm the mind.

Water Therapy

Improve joint mobility and reduce chronic pain through therapeutic exercises at the SHA SPA under the supervision of a professional who combines the therapeutic properties of water with custom mobility te- chniques.

Hydrotherapy Circuit

Area that will lead you to a deep sense of wellness as your bodyfl ows through different water experiences. Consist in a toning pool, wimming pool hydromassage beds, foot bath, Finnish sauna, Roman thermal bath, steam bath, jacuzzi, ice fountain, cold water pool, swan’s neck jets, sensory shower and a choice of relaxation areas set in an unique Zen garden.