Prevent and improve intestinal imbalance with the Gut Health Focused Pack

Gut health is an essential element for a high level of well-being. It’s difficult to achieve a fulfilling quality of life if you regularly suffer from some of the most common symptoms of an intestinal imbalance: constipation, acidity, gastric reflux, heavy digestion, diarrhoea, gas, bad breath and bloating. This is no small matter considering that almost half of the population in developed countries suffers from digestive issues, a percentage that increases considerably in developing nations. As Dr. Ámina Alani, digestive health expert at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains, ‘stress and poor diet are the main causes of this type of disorder. Other causes are the consumption of medications, all kinds of diseases, pollution and genetic factors’.

Gut Health Focused Pack

To avoid and prevent these imbalances, SHA Wellness Clinic has designed the Gut Health Focused Pack, a complete programme to improve intestinal health. Based on an integrative and multidisciplinary approach, its aim is to restore the balance and correct functioning of the intestinal tract, improving the state of both the microbiota (the set of microorganisms that live in the intestine) and the immune system, as well as the various psychological and organic disorders that generate these dysfunctions. First, a detailed assessment of each guest is carried out to find out what digestive issues they are facing, or to even anticipate them. But Dr. Ámina Alani warns, ‘During the processes of de-inflammation, intestinal regeneration and the recovery of microbiota balance, toxins can be generated that must be eliminated from the body’. This is why the Gut Health Focused Pack should be incorporated into the Detox Programme, which is focused on eliminating toxins, purifying the body of waste products and supporting the main organs that perform this function. This way, treatments to detoxify and repair intestinal mucosa can be enhanced, to fully purify the organism and improve tolerance to certain foods, thus optimising overall health and quality of life.


Acquiring healthy habits from childhood is the best way to avoid any type of disorder and to ensure proper gut health in adulthood. But as this is not always possible, the Gut Health Focused Pack is perfect for maintaining and restoring digestive balance. Moreover, as the brain and gut are interconnected, it’s necessary to act on both simultaneously to achieve complete emotional and digestive stability. As the doctor points out, the pack ‘is designed for people who feel motivated to make lifestyle changes to improve their health and, especially and above all, for all those who suffer from intestinal disorders or diseases in general, chronic pathologies, autoimmune diseases, allergies and mood disorders, as they may be related to poor gut health’.