SHA creates a ground-breaking advanced preventive diagnostics circuit

Always in pursuit of our goal to bring about a positive turning point in people’s health and well-being through personalised, holistic programmes, SHA has created a ground-breaking advanced preventive diagnostic circuit which combines innovative technologies to provide invaluable information on guests’ current state of health and help to detect possible future pathologies to prevent.

Juan Pablo Barassi, Chief Operating Officer of SHA, explains what it’s all about. “The circuit consists of different stations where we perform a battery of non-invasive tests to get as much information as possible about the current state of health of each person in approximately 30 minutes”, he says. “Our multidisciplinary team of experts can use the data collected to adapt and target their recommendations to the real needs of each guest during their stay”.


The advanced preventive diagnosis circuit works with state-of-the-art devices and represents a qualitative leap in the quantity and quality of the information obtained. As Juan Pablo tells us, “it provides a comprehensive view of the state of health based on objective measurements and allows us to observe the evolution of the guest, so we can adjust their plans and programmes in real time, thus enhancing the final result. It also provides data on certain parameters, such as stress resistance, balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and body posture, which are not a part of standard analyses”.

Such an innovative concept deserved a space to match. Which is why SHA created the Health Screening Lab, a room specially designed and built to carry out the advanced preventive diagnostic circuit and make it a pleasant experience for the guest. The Health Screening Lab has a large screen where a short welcome video gives a description of how the different tests will be performed, as well as an exclusive dashboard that allows the process to be monitored in real time. Immediately after completion, all the information is added to the patient’s medical record and the medical team meets with the guest to present the results obtained. All the information collected is also incorporated into the myHealth section of the SHA app. The advanced preventive diagnostic circuit is constantly evolving, and new stages and technologies will be added in the near future.