SHA Wellness Clinic is the first wellness clinic in the world to incorporate Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy

SHA Wellness Clinic has exclusively acquired Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy for its clinics in Spain (Alicante) and Mexico (Riviera Maya). It is the only physical treatment that recharges cells and neutralises the degenerative effect of free radicals. With several sessions of this therapy, an electromagnetic field is created that reorganises the charge of the cells and increases their energy, health, and longevity. All of this leads to the rejuvenation of our body as a whole.

Rejuvenation on the inside is no longer a metaphor. Advanced Cell Regeneration Therapy, recently acquired exclusively by SHA Wellness Clinic, stops the oxidation of the cells, regenerates their functions, and literally recharges them when their batteries are low.

The treatment is administered by a machine for the entire body that works with CAP (cold atmospheric plasma) technology, which can generate a stream of molecules — anions (negatively charged ions), photons and electrons — that enhance the nervous system, increase serotonin and dopamine, reduce cortisol, stimulate melatonin and the productions of vitamin D, and increase cellular voltage and mitochondrial health.

These effects result in a significant increase in vital energy, reduced fatigue, improved physical and mental health, and a slowing of cellular oxidation.

States of low electrical voltage in cells are usually caused by diseases, states of exhaustion, and degenerative processes associated with age. CAP technology is the only physical technology that counteracts the consequences of oxidative stress and cell degeneration.

Advanced Cell Regeneration Therapy has three powerful and measurable effects on cells: it recharges, regenerates, and neutralises free radicals.

Doctor Mera ensures that the new treatment will be offered to all patients. ‘People with symptoms of extreme exhaustion with no specific cause, those seeking rejuvenation at a cellular level, menopausal women, patients with ulcers or skin lesions, and those with long COVID or chronic bacterial infections will benefit the most. ‘It doesn’t cure diseases, but it takes care of the side effects of many pathologies, including loss of strength and energy, exhaustion, fatigue and depression. We’ve seen very good results in skin lesions, menopausal symptoms and as an adjuvant treatment for cancer’. The only contraindications are pregnancy and the use of pacemakers.

‘CAP technology creates a magnetic field around the body that recharges and regenerates cells and slows down the action of free radicals. That means rejuvenation and health’, explains Doctor Vicente Mera, manager of the Healthy Ageing Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain.

Regeneration occurs because the static charge created by the current of anions and electrons generated by the machine enhances oxygen supply and promotes the growth of healthy cells while stimulating cell division and migration. In addition, cold atmospheric plasma has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Cellular recharging is enhanced because the CAP technology is able to rebalance the excess of negative charges inside the cells with the positive charges of the cellular environment. The plasma is responsible for correcting the electromagnetic charge of the cells.

Free radicals are neutralised because Advanced Cell Regeneration Therapy generates negatively charged anions that have an extra electron, just what free radicals and free radical-damaged cells are missing. The anions transmit the missing electrons to the cells in the form of microcurrents. This electron transfer is a gentle and direct way to counteract the degenerative effect of oxidative stress, which is responsible for ageing and loss of vitality.

The design of the machine allows the cold plasma to penetrate the natural fibre of clothing and to be absorbed by the skin and fluids throughout the body. The applicators, made of 24-carat gold, conduct the current as efficiently as possible and promote cell regeneration and recharging throughout the body. It is a painless, comfortable treatment with no side effects.

Doctor Anna Baeza, coordinator of Medical Services and Natural Therapies at SHA Wellness Clinic, states that this new therapy ‘actively stimulates the vagus nerve and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and, therefore, combats chronic stress’.

For Doctor Baeza, other important benefits of this therapy are the optimisation of metabolism; the reduction of inflammation and, therefore, of cardiovascular diseases; the stimulation of endogenous vitamin D synthesis; the support of brain function; and the improvement of mental health.

Doctor Vicente Mera has seen the effects of this cellular recharge. ‘People come out of the treatment with strength, energy, vitality, and a very good mood’, he says, indicating that four to five sessions must be carried out to begin noticing the benefits. Studies show that after therapy, 70 per cent of people immediately feel more energy, and 25 per cent claim to be less tired. Some patients feel much better the day after.