SHA Integrative Method

Physical Performance

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At SHA we have an outstanding team of experts in physiotherapy and personal training, innovative state-of-the-art equipment and ideal environments for challenging limits, improving fitness and increasing vitality.
All these factors are combined in various exercise and physiotherapy sessions, tailored to the needs of each guest.



Outdoor Training

We offer different outdoor sessions with highly-qualified personal trainers.


The aim is to reprogramme, prevent and treat neuro, muscular, skeletal and postural issues, and restore function. Physical therapy, therapeutic exercise and manual therapy, among other techniques, are used.

The HumanTecar® method is focused on anti-ageing, prompting cellular bio-stimulation that boosts the effectiveness and speed of the therapeutic process to restore the individual’s natural balance.

High-intensity inductive technology is used to apply magnetic waves or fields to specific areas of the body to stimulate nerve cells and tissues, producing repairing effects at a cellular level.

We have specific treatments depending on the symptomatology or health objectives:

• Digestive healthinductiontherapy
• Inductive paintherapy
• Pelvicfloorhealth inductive therapy