SHA Wellness Clinic offers a “reset” snooze by incorporating, HOGO, the sleep system that slows down ageing, to its exclusive suites

The Spanish Society of Neurology estimates that between 20% – 48% of the Spanish adult population suffers from difficulties in falling or staying asleep, with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, apnea and hypopnea being the most common disorders. In other words, more than 12 million people in Spain do not get a good night’s sleep and wake up with the feeling that they have not had restorative sleep, or end the day feeling fatigued.

Not getting enough sleep (50 hours a week) or the necessary continuity and depth of sleep is a serious health problem that is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart attacks, depression and many other cardiovascular and mental illnesses. In fact, sleeping less than six hours a day increases mortality by 13%. Lack of sleep also affects physical performance, cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, decision-making and creativity; the immune system, the body’s natural defenses and our mood – making us more irritable and short-tempered. In addition, it accelerates ageing.

At SHA we are aware that reaching the stage of restful sleep every night is essential to obtain a state of optimal health and wellbeing. That is why we have just incorporated three HOGO sleep systems, a revolutionary concept that promotes mental balance, reduces oxidative stress, favours cell regeneration, improves the functionality of the immune system and reduces biomarkers of biological age. As Marino Cid, founder and CEO of HOGO, says, “scientific publications support the fact that continuous sleep in HOGO slows down ageing“.

There is evidence that the electromagnetic fields produced by Wi-Fi connections, antennas, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, which are usually high-frequency, increase tissue temperature, affect homeostatic systems such as the immune, nervous and endocrine systems, accelerate ageing and have a direct impact on both the quality and quantity of sleep. Dr. Vicente Mera, SHA Wellness Clinic’s specialist in Sleep Medicine, points out that “the most important thing about HOGO is the patented graphite and silver mesh which, together with the earthing system, absorbs, channels and eliminates the radiation that the body has acquired throughout the day and through an earthing system. Beech wood, merino wool, coconut fibre, 100% latex, cashmere and organic cotton are other materials used in the HOGO system, the parts of which are assembled by hand. In addition, it is recommended to install the headboard facing north, according to the principles of feng shui”.

On HOGO, you don’t just sleep and rest, you reset every night to wake up in the morning full of energy and vitality and ready to face the demanding work, family and social challenges of everyday life.

The HOGO sleep system is available at SHA in the Royal Suite and the Presidential Suites. To book these, please contact the SHA Reservations Department. For more information about SHA’s Sleep Medicine Unit, please click here.